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  • Your Black Friday Survival Guide

    Everything you need – from apps that aggregate your must-have deals and let you compare prices, to handy tips on how to bring your a-game – for maximizing your 2014 Black Friday survival. Errr, we meant shopping. Oh, who are we kidding? We meant survival.

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  • Daylight Saving Time: 5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Extra Hour

    Daylight saving time ends Nov. 2 and we gain an hour back into our schedules. Here are five suggestions for making the most of the time that celebrates a little “me time,” family time and promotes peace of mind. Also, banana pancakes.

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  • $100 (or Less) Patio Makeovers

    It’s that glorious time of year when the savory aroma of barbecue and sweet sounds of laughter fill the weekend air. Summer calls for backyard parties — carefree evenings spent enjoying the company of your favorite people. But it’s hard to be completely carefree if your backyard space is not your favorite. Don’t fret. With […]

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  • Stressed? Here are 3 Fixes That Take Less Than 3 Minutes

    Things in life stress us out every day. And it’s easy to let stress take over you, to consume your thoughts, feelings and emotions. When we’re under stress, we can’t eat right, sleep right or think right. Though it’s normal, it can be a huge detriment to our success in life. But you can take control […]

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