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  • Lee Playlist: Songs For Spring

    As we get out of the house this spring, whether it’s to clean up the garden or grab a much needed dinner with friends, we’ve started pulling together our favorite tracks so far this year in our spring playlist. It’s an eclectic mix of upbeat songs that make us dance and some low-key tunes for those peaceful evenings on the back patio.

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  • Beginners Guide to High-End Denim | How To Buy Selvage Jeans

    Some people hold selvage up to be the gold standard of denim. Other people are just so over it already. And most people (let’s be honest here) aren’t 100% sure what it is, and don’t want to look or feel dumb. How much do you know about selvage jeans? What’s so special about this type of denim? Read on to know more about the high-quality selvage jeans.

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  • Pocket Size Revolution: What New Tech Means For Jeans

    We talk with Whitney Neary of Lee’s design team about how they are keeping up with the technology we carry with us every day. She tells us how the smart phone revolution has changed the way they think about denim design.

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