10 Things You Forget To Be Thankful For

As we stop to take inventory of all the things we’re thankful for this Thanksgiving, there are certain things that are top-of-mind: family, friends, pets, our home, our jobs, nourishing food and all the opportunities we are given each day when we wake up. I’m extremely grateful for each one of these things. And I’m grateful to work with Lee Jeans, a company whose Midwest values echo mine — family first.

This Thanksgiving, as you make a list on paper or in your mind of everything for which you’re thankful, we invite you to also think about the unsung heroes; the people and things you often take for granted. This post is our way of thanking the people and things that make a difference in our lives every day, asking for nothing in return.

1. Belt Loops

Can you imagine putting on jeans without belt loops? Imagine the struggle … clenching your waistband until your fingers rub themselves raw, trying to pull up your pants. Also, belts can really make or break an outfit. Where would they go? Would they be sent to the land of misfit clothing where acid wash jeans and parachute pants live? That would really be tragic. Thank you, belt loops.


2. Lids

Your morning latte. Your lunch. Leftovers. The soda nobody saw you order at the drive-thru. Without lids, you’d be wearing them all. (Which we tried once. Thank goodness for stain-resistant pants.) But take it from Pat, with or without stains, it’s better to keep the food in containers and off your pants.

3. Windshield Wipers

Here in the Midwest, we get it all. Rain, snow, sleet … every variety of precipitation, we get it. What if you couldn’t leave the house any time it rained? You’d have to take rain checks on plans … every time it rained. Thank you, windshield wipers.


4. Stretchy Jeans

It’s Thanksgiving. That means turkey, stuffing and pie. In times like these, we’re especially thankful for the subtle stretch in jeans that helps them move with you — whether you’re picking up a child, walking the city streets for date night … or picking up a second plate of turkey. Side note: It’s the subtle stretch in our Curvy Fit jeans that help … erm … cover your assets when you bend over. So I’d personally like to thank our product development team on behalf of everyone who sees me bend over. (More on that here.)

5. Your Favorite Barista

They smile when you walk in. They know what you want before you order it — and they always make it just right. Do you know how many personal drink orders they have memorized? It’s truly amazing what they do if you think about it. Give them an extra big thank you — and maybe an extra big tip — next time they make your soy-latte-with-extra-soy-and-just-a-dash-of-sugar-free-vanilla-and-sugar-free-caramel-flavor-and-whipped-cream-on-top … or whatever you order.


6. The Internet

“Google” has become a verb and you’re not really friends until you’re Facebook friends. The Internet gives us so much. It gives us knowledge, the ability to quickly stay in touch with friends and family, the power to shop at any time day or night … and it gives us treasures like this:


7. The Stranger Who Smiled at You the Other Day

You were having a case of the Mondays. A traffic jam made you late for your morning meeting, you received an afternoon call from the school nurse about your sick child and you were picking up groceries for some much-needed soup when it happened. You turned the corner and glanced at the stranger whose cart was across from yours. Instead of being annoyed, he smiled. A beaming smile that instantly brightened your mood. He’ll never know how much you needed that smile. Pay it forward — give your biggest grin to a complete stranger tomorrow. (Better yet — today AND tomorrow.)

8. Breath Mints

That garlic bread and onion-filled salad seemed like a great idea until you realized you have a very important 1:00 p.m. meeting. With that very important client. Yikes. Thankfully, you have a stash of potent breath mints to save you, and your meeting, from a stinky dilemma. Thank you, breath mints, for saving our careers and dating lives.

breath mints

9. The People Who Empty Your Trash at the Office

Every work day, you fill up your trash can. Every morning, you return to an empty trash can. NEWSFLASH: It’s not magic. There are people who empty your trash for you. How spoiled are you? If you’re working late one night and you see the person who empties your trash, thank them.

office trash

10. Pockets

Pockets are quite possibly the best use of a few inches of fabric. From cell phones to cash to baby’s binky, they store some of your most precious possessions. And when they’re just the right size and placed just the right way, they flatter your figure. In fact, our product development team designs our pockets and places them specifically with your figure in mind. Thank you, pockets, for keeping our valuable things (and our backsides) in order. Shown below: Lee Curvy Fit jeans

Lee Jeans Pockets

Once you start to really think about your day, there are so many of these “unsung heroes” to be thankful for. Utensils, soap, socks … what would you add to this list? Tell us in the comments below!

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