Does Being A Father Affect Personal Style? | Style & Dressing Tips for New Dads

When my first child was born – everything in my life changed.

I began to look at things from the perspective of a person responsible for the life of another.

I sold my motorcycle.

I bought a mini-van with great safety features.

I updated my insurance.

And I improved my personal style.

Yeah – you read that last one right.


So you may be wondering – why does a man’s personal style matter more when he becomes a father?

In the video and article below – I give you three reasons why I upgraded my personal image and why it should matter to fathers everywhere.

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Three reasons to upgrade your personal style as a father.

1. Dress Sharp Because You Represent Your Family

As a man you are the namesake of your family.

Your family carries your last name, and your actions and presentation reflect upon them.

When you go out to meet your children’s teachers or attend events with your wife and family – put your best foot forward.

The people that you encounter will either create a favorable impression of you, have no impression, or have a negative one based on how you present yourself.

A little extra effort to dress sharply immediately sets a higher bar. It shows you care and casts your entire family in a positive light. .

It’s worth some extra effort– your reputation carries over to your family.

So make sure you send the message you want to be signalling.


2. Your Children Follow Your Example

We want to believe that our kids listen to what we say to them.

However, what’s more important is that what we say is what we actually do. Children watch what their parents do and follow their example.

How you dress and present yourself, how you treat others, how much time you spend at work, how you treat their mother- your children see how you do all of these things.

So it is your duty as a parent to lead by example.

Dressing well immediately shows your children that they too have to present themselves neatly and appropriately.

It teaches them that it is okay to be the best dressed person in the room. It can show them how to be an individual and make confident choices.


3. An Interchangeable Wardrobe Is Valuable For Fathers

Owning an interchangeable wardrobe means being able to look good without much effort.

Within an interchangeable wardrobe we find clothing that can matched with other pieces in the wardrobe – trousers that go with almost every shirt, jackets that pair with almost every tie, and classic shoes with lasting style.

A father who takes the time to build his interchangeable wardrobe is going to:

  • Save time.
  • Always be dressed appropriate for the occasion
  • Save money not buying items he doesn’t need.

I’ll wrap up by saying that upgrading your style from a casual bachelor to a responsible father is not something to be dreaded.

It’s a natural progression, and enjoyable when you start to receive compliments and note the positive example you set for your family.

In fact mastering the skill of proper presentation will open up for you opportunities you never realized were available.

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