Fall Trends

Fall Trends and How To Wear Them

These days are hinting to me that fall will be here before we know it. I am enjoying the cooler summer days this year is offering and am taking full advantage as I am renovating my 92-year-old house.

This theme of “old and new” is reflective of my style at home and at work as a men’s denim designer, and also when I am choosing my own wardrobe. I still want things to be modern but with a nod to the past.

I’m excited to bring out the fall pieces that I tucked away for the summer, and looking forward to layering in my new finds. I admit I like a Saturday morning with a lot of coffee and a little bit of Pinterest every once in a while.  And, fortunately for me, I get to follow blogs and get lost in the latest fashion magazines and call it “work” as I look for the latest trends to apply to my job as a denim designer. It’s fun to see how people are wearing things and putting pieces together, and then choosing the pieces that I am going to search out at my favorite stores to mix in this fall!

I admit I like a Saturday morning with a lot of coffee and a little bit of Pinterest every once in a while.

I love shopping vintage stores for unique pieces (jewelry/tops) to pair with my denim. Denim is pretty much my daily uniform — I love the basics. My favorites are skinny in black and dark clean indigo (I like the Modern Series Straight Fit Rowan Skinny in Orion and Perfect Fit Remi Crop in Empire) or slouchy with distressing (like the Perfect Fit Morrison Boyfriend Jean). I like adding layers of jewelry in mixed metals and fun shoes.

My latest finds that are inspiration for my work days as a men’s denim designer range from layers to performance. Check them out below!

Fall Trends: Men

Fall Trends for Men

Denim Jackets

Layers are important for the guys now. A key piece to add this fall is the Lee jean jacket.


Red, white and blue color stories are still going. Working with a denim base and layering these colors in a print or plaid or stripe pull off the look.


Adding stretch for comfort, flexibility and ease of movement is becoming a bigger part of the male market in denim. (Look for Lee’s Active Comfort fabric in our Modern Series collection.)


Mixing different fabrics and silhouettes creates interest.


Sweats as fashion — Knit denim and terry joggers paired with layers for comfortable street wear.



And for me, I am loving these upcoming trends for fall …

Fall Trends: Women


Borrowed from the Boys

Menswear-inspired tops and denim. (Like the Perfect Fit Morrison Boyfriend Jean.)


Knit and super stretch denims are big this season. Sweats can be used for fashion with added layers and pieces to dress them up. (Try the Easy Fit Skinny.)

Leather & Denim

These two iconic fabrics can be paired with anything — Probably my two favorite fabrics ever.

Layering (Clothes and Accessories)

Think denim on denim and layered jewelry in mixed metals.

Old & New

An eclectic mix of modern and vintage pieces adds interest and dimension to your look.

Statement Shoes

And finally, the right shoes can really be the finishing touch for any outfit. I kinda go crazy over shoes and a great shoe can be the exclamation point to any look!

I’d love to hear what your signature piece is that completes your look!



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