Denim Day – Where the Money Goes

On October 3, we celebrate our 19th year of Lee National Denim Day®, a fundraiser benefiting the American Cancer Society®. Nineteen years ago, Lee® Jeans employees joined together to support their friends and family members that had been affected by breast cancer. The ask was simple — donate $5 to wear denim at work on Denim Day — but soon this ask on behalf of Lee National Denim Day became one of the largest single-day fundraisers nationwide for breast cancer research. Since then, Denim Day participants have raised more than $91 million in the fight against breast cancer.

Feeling inspired to begin your own team in the fight against breast cancer? Not only is Denim Day an easy ask of friends and coworkers, but can be a lot of fun! Go to for tips and tricks to host the best Denim Day ever this year!

Funds raised for Denim Day benefit the American Cancer Society to support those currently fighting breast cancer and the researchers working to cure the disease. The American Cancer Society has played a role in nearly every major breast cancer breakthrough in recent history and has contributed to a 34 percent drop in the breast cancer mortality rate. Donations to Denim Day will help the American Cancer Society finish its mission to help people with breast cancer today and end the disease tomorrow by supporting lifesaving screenings, hope and care to those traveling away from home for cancer treatment and investments in cancer research.

This year’s funds will help fund two groundbreaking research projects that may have otherwise gone unfunded.

Dr. Zachary Schafer, University of Notre Dame, is one of the research beneficiaries of this year’s Denim Day funds. Currently an overwhelming majority of cancer deaths are caused by metastasis, a process of cancer cells spreading from the primary tumor to more distant sites. Even with such devastating death rates, very little is known about this process. Dr. Schafer’s research looks at these metastatic cancer cells and how to stop their journey to from the initial to distant cancer sites.

Dr. Sendurai A. Mani, University of Texas, is this year’s second Denim Day research beneficiary. Along similar lines as Dr. Schafer, Dr. Mani’s research looks at how to keep cancer cells local to the initial cancer site. His team is currently looking at ways to inhibit deadly cancer cells by manipulating their pathway to distance sites, blocking the ability of cells to acquire stem-cell features and metastatic properties.

Research projects such as Dr. Schafer’s and Dr. Mani’s are the key to ending breast cancer. Along with these research projects working to find a cure for breast cancer, Denim Day funds also go to help the lives of those fighting the disease today through CHANGE grants and Hope Lodges across the country.


Feeling inspired to begin your own team in the fight against breast cancer? Not only is Denim Day an easy ask of friends and coworkers, but it can be a lot of fun! Go to for tips and tricks to host the best Denim Day ever this year!

You don’t fight breast cancer alone. You fight it with a team. Register today at

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