Celebrating Lee Moms for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a day of honor and celebration. A day to look at our mothers who have made an incredible impact in our lives, and say thank you. This Mother’s Day we celebrate three incredible mothers who are close to our hearts: Ellen Peppercorn, Andrea Summers and Cristi Comes; they are Lee advocates, and we are honored that they wear our denim every day.


Andrea Summers, Momma in Flip Flops

Andrea Summers, Momma in Flip Flops

I love being a mother because it’s taught me so much about giving of oneself for another. Growing in compassion and love not only for my children, but for everyone. I love the adventures motherhood takes me on, learning as I go, and the love I receive in return from my children. There is no greater blessing! I love those baby kisses, watching my children accomplish a goal, growing into the people God made them to be, and being there as a guide for them. I couldn’t imagine life not being a mother.

As a mother, I love my Lee jeans because they are made to fit the curves a mother gains once she brings life into the world. They have style and fits for women of all sizes and ages, while keeping consistent with current trends: from skinny jeans, to colors and polka dots, to boot cuts and beyond. I can feel confident and trendy, while still being a mother in them. They take me from the dance practices with my daughter, to the hockey court and ball fields with my boys, and just playing on the ground with the baby.

Andrea is a 31-year-old wife and mother to four children under 8. Living in the midwest, she blogs on everything from family, fashion & everything in between at Mommainflipflops.com.


Cristi Comes, Motherhood Unadorned

Cristi Comes, Motherhood Unadorned

I became a mother six and a half years ago at 34 years old. Soon after my having my second child, I was able to lose most of my pregnancy weight, but I still struggled with my new “motherly” curves.

That was the year I met the folks at Lee Jeans at a local Seattle Style Party blogger event. As a huge jeans girl, I was thrilled to pick out some new Lee’s that fit me perfectly and made me feel good.

With a healthier lifestyle, I have more energy to play with the kids; and with my Lee jeans, and I’ve never felt more confident. Wanting to continue boosting my inner-confidence, I started focusing on style much more than I did during those years of pregnancy. I’m still a jeans girl, but I have tried to push myself out of my comfort zone. It’s been a lot of fun working with Lee over the past two years. Lee’s are comfortable but can also be very stylish. I find them perfect for my everyday running around with the kids.

My kids are the absolute joy of my life and the biggest challenge in my world, all at the same time. Being a mom is Hard with a capital H, and often times it is easy to lose confidence in myself. It is a judgy world out there. But I try very hard to remember that taking care of me is extremely important if I’m to be a better woman, wife and mom. It’s the little things. Like feeling cute in a fun colorful outfit, to taking a little me-time sans-kids to shop, read a book, take a bath, or even have a date night with the husband.

Cristi Comes is a warrior mom, wife and writer focusing on motherhood and mental health, self-care and style. Follow her blog at www.motherhoodunadorned.com, on Twitter @motherunadorned and Facebook at Motherhood Unadorned. Also please follow her Fashion Pinterest Board.


Ellen Peppercorn, Thrifty and Chic Mom

Ellen Peppercorn, Thrifty and Chic MomEllen_2Ellen Peppercorn, Thrifty and Chic MomEllen Peppercorn, Thrifty and Chic MomEllen Peppercorn, Thrifty and Chic Mom

I always knew I wanted to be a mom, motherhood just always called my name and I couldn’t wait to be a mom. I had dreams of marrying young and having children young, so that I could enjoy them while I had youth and energy on my side.

Life worked in my favor and at the age of 24 I became a mom to a beautiful little girl. By the time I was 30 I had four beautiful little girls to call my own. Now at the age of 31 I have five little girls to love and cherish.

When people ask me about being a mom of so many, I always find it hard to give them the answer they are looking for. Motherhood is both easier and harder the more kids I have. For me, the benefits of a big family far outweigh those of a small family, but there are so many aspects of motherhood that are the same no matter how many kids I have.

The other day my 8-year-old gave me a tight squeeze, looked me in the eye and said “Mom I love you too much!” And to that I replied, “No you love me just as much as you should, and I love you just as much.” To which she responded, “But it hurts my heart to be away from you so I love you too much.”

“No,” I responded, “you love me just right!”

And that for me sums up motherhood, loving another so much so that when you are apart your heart hurts. It is simply impossible to love too much when children are involved.

Ellen is a 31-year-old mother with five little girls in Columbus, Ohio. She loves fashion, earning a degree in textiles and clothing from Ohio State University, and spending time with her leading ladies. You can read more about Ellen and her family at ThriftyandChicMom.com.


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