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Where does happiness stem from? It’s not only from the perfect pair of jeans… though that doesn’t hurt ;). It comes from being true to yourself. Because you’re truly great. But even the greatest among us are looking to make each day a little better.

On the Beyond Blue, we share seamless ways to live your life in style — actionable ideas to help you look good, feel good and exude confidence.

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  • Well, hello! I'm Cara. When I'm not being a word nerd, I'm usually practicing yoga, working on a DIY project, watching entirely too many reality TV shows or hanging out with friends, family and a very special whisker-faced puppy. Read More

  • Hi there! I'm Jane and I write about upcoming style trends and interesting lifestyle content. Read More

  • Apart from an ancient love for simple style, I love taking care of myself. To me, that means hitting the gym, experimenting with vegan recipes (so much grocery shopping) or reading anything while my cat lounges nearby. Yeah, I'm also a cat person. Read More

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